A guide to safer browsing

It is no secret that we recommend Firefox internet browser to our clients for its reliability and security, on top of that you can install add-ons that customize the user experience. Today we will talk about ABP and Ghostery, these add-ons are free to use and they are very easy to install, we have included instructions below this article.

What are browser add-ons?
Add-ons are small programs that work with your browser for a specific purpose, you can select which ones you will install and you can customize them to your needs.

What is ABP?
ABP stands for Ad Blocker Plus, it is a program designed to block most internet ads, helps load pages faster and makes browsing a more secure and pleasant experience. You can turn it on or off manually or you can select which pages should be allowed to display ads. It is reliable and it is currently used by millions of users.

What is Ghostery?
Ghostery is a program that blocks websites from tracking your online activities on websites and across websites, it also blocks social media buttons like Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can select the option to “TRUST SITE” if you don’t want Ghostery active in specific websites. It makes you invisible (like a ghost) to online tracking.

How to install Firefox, ABP and Ghostery

  1. Download and install Firefox Quantum
  2. Install Ad Blocker Plus
  3. Install Ghostery
  4. Done!

Please note that this article covers the use of Firefox and updated blocking software as a way to minimize online threats, there are many other options to protect your sensitive data online, this guide is one of many solutions. Use at your own risk.