Data backups are important

A few years ago we had a customer who postponed her data backups for years, even after numerous recommendations to do so, she could never find the time to initiate this simple process. One day in the middle of June a thunderstorm hit the area and by the next morning the storage system used to store all the business files had a critical failure, no files were available, the storage device was unresponsive and there were no copies of the files, 11 years worth of data (spreadsheets, photos, videos, documents, contracts, promotional materials, etc.) were all gone.

Situations like these can happen to anyone, there are countless of stories similar to the one above. The best course of action is to prepare for such event by setting up a back up system and keeping it well maintained and up to date.

Backing up your data before disaster strikes takes a few minutes of your day and it can help you avoid disaster and even save you thousands of dollars.

If privacy is important to you, try to avoid any cloud based storage solutions as these companies tend to copy your data and move it around servers and it is readily accessible to unauthorized third-parties.