Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of restoring data from a storage device that has been lost or deleted. Since not all data recovery is performed the same way you should explain your situation to the data recovery technician.

What to do after you lose your data?

It really depends on the situation, it is usually recommended that you power off the affected device as soon as possible to prevent overwriting the lost data.

Backup your files

Keeping backups is worth the time and effort, we have seen many cases where users lost important files that resulted in thousands of dollars worth of lost business and months of work trying to get back on track.

Legal requirements

Liax Technology Services routinely recovers lost data for clients, however if you data involves any criminal activity or legal proceedings you have to contact a licensed forensic laboratory.

The State of Texas requires anyone conducting data recovery that could potentially be used in legal proceedings in the state to have a special license. Traditionally, these people are law enforcement officials, lawyers and paralegals, and licensed private investigators.

Here are two data recovery labs you can contact:

Gillware Data Recovery

Flashback Data