Do you need an SSL Certificate?

Short answer? Yes


What if you don’t take payments online? What if you don’t sell anything online? What if your website is only a few pages with text? The answer is still Yes.

Having an SSL Certificate is the new standard

An SSL Certificate is website security, a few years ago having encryption on a website was considered necessary only for e-commerce sites and online banking. The rules have changed, tech companies are now pushing for a more secure internet and now browsers will inform visitors if a website is secure or not.

To avoid this message you need a certificate, please read  “What is an SSL Certificate?

An additional benefit is that having an SSL Certificate helps you rank better in search engine results.

Normally, you can contact a Certificate Authority for example “Digicert” that sells certificates for $198 a year with no technical support or you can create your own certificate through “Let’s Encrypt” but it requires technical know-how and a mandatory renewal every 90 days.

Benefits of having an SSL Certificate

• Encrypts all communications to and from your website.
• Builds customer confidence when using your online resources.
• Improves your site ranking on search results.
• Protects online data from being shared with third-parties.
• Prepares your site for e-commerce or online payment processing.

Let us take care of it for you!

If you are a current customer simply call our office and we will take care of the technical details and install your SSL Certificate. We offer monthly and yearly options to keep your website secure.

If you are a new customer, contact us so we can to evaluate your current website and determine the type of solution you need.


Get your SSL Certificate today!