How to fix network speed stuck at 10Mbps

Having your wired network connection stuck at 10Mbps on your computer is a symptom of a larger problem, the most common reason is that you have a faulty cable, so let’s start with the obvious and replace your current Ethernet cable with a suitable CAT6 cable.  Cat6 cables are generally better and worth the extra expense. It is also a good way to future-proof your network for higher network speeds.

The most common reason for this issue is that you have a faulty or low quality network cable that needs to be replaced.

Here are some alternate solutions to this issue.

Alternate Solution #1

Restart your computer, sometimes a simple restart will fix this issue.

Alternate Solution #2

Disable and re-enable your network adapter, to do this go to CONTROL PANEL and select NETWORK then access your ‘Adapter Settings’, right click on ‘Local Area Connection’, select ‘Status’ and click on the ‘Disable’ button. To re-enable it you can double-click on the ‘Local Area Connection’ icon or you can right click on the icon and select Enable.

You can check your network speed here.