Recovering data can be a complicated process

FACT: If you do not have a reliable backup system in place your data is at risk. Storage drives can be subject to damage, failure, fire, water, power surge, etc.

When disaster strikes and you don’t have a backup, the next step is to attempt a data recovery session where the contents of the drive are analyzed and its parts are replaced or repaired. This process can be complicated and requires specialized hardware and software under extremely controlled conditions in a safe laboratory.

Data recovery can be expensive, please avoid disaster and backup your data regularly.

What to do when your drive fails?

Do not power up a device that is making unusual sounds.

If possible, back up your important data as soon as possible.

Do not use data recovery software if you hear strange noises inside the drive, shut your computer down immediately.

Do not attempt recovery yourself.

If you’ve lost critical data, a specialized recovery service is your best and safest option.