What is web hosting?

To host a website you need a special computer called a server, this computer will keep your website files ready and available for users to access them through a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection. The server handles all incoming traffic by letting users access it from any remote location. There are risks involved when strangers remotely access a computer in your network. This is why it is a good idea to hire the services of a web hosting company.

Web hosting companies provide this service professionally for a monthly fee, they have a staff of professionals dealing with the hardware on-site to make sure it is running constantly, keep their network secure and able to handle all user requests. Sounds a bit complicated? It is.

Not all hosts are created equal.

The quality of the servers, their power consumption, processing power, speeds and tech support are all a factor when choosing the right web hosting service. Hosting services can range from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month, it all depends on the amount of traffic the server will handle and the type of website it hosts.

Servers are usually located inside a server room usually kept very cold by air-conditioning units devoted to the optimal operation of computer servers. A building or area dedicated to this purpose is called a data center. Data centers can handle massive amounts of data per day and are connected through special and expensive lines to the internet.

Web hosting servers can hold websites, e-mail accounts, files, databases and applications.

Managed Web Hosting Service

It is a special service that handles all the configuration, billing and maintenance of your hosting account. Your online assets are managed to ensure a hassle-free experience for business owners like you, so you can focus all your time and effort on your businesses and not on technical support. Liax offers professional managed web services to small business owners, give us a call and we can handle it.