On-site Repair

Our business model is based on the idea that the customer should not do half the work for us. When you have a technical issue, instead of bringing the faulty equipment to us, we go to where you are and fix the problem on-site.

We provide timely and effective solutions for your residential and commercial applications. Repair and technical support for hardware and software. Consulting with us is easy and we are always glad to assist you with your technical issues.

We also offer pickup and delivery within our service area, we can drop off the repaired equipment to your location of choice, at no extra cost.

Data Recovery

Your data is priceless and probably your most valuable asset, whether it is legal records, photos, memories or business documents once disaster strikes there are only a few options to get your data back. We do three types of recovery:

  • Level 1 - Software based recovery
  • Level 2 - Hardware based recovery
  • Level 3 - Special Lab Recovery

In some cases your storage device will be sent to a lab for a full inspection and disassembly, data recovery is a lengthy process and results are not guaranteed.

Data Backup

Protecting your data is extremely important. Data loss can bring your business to griding halt and cost you money, clients and reputation. Your data is critical for your day to day operations and it is irreplaceable.

We offer backup solutions that protect your data from theft, viruses, fire, water, failure, power surges and much more.

The best solution is to be professionally prepared so your business can recover when disaster strikes. Our off-site backup service ensures your privacy and security. You can choose from a variety of options and packages to fit your needs, and we'll take care of the rest.

Installations & Upgrades

Our professional installation service ensures that your equipment works right the first time, it also includes an optimization procedure that speeds up your system and a reliable anti-virus to protect your data against infection.

We also answer your questions regarding the installation and provide useful recommendations for the use and maintenance of your equipment.

Most installations take less than one hour and can be scheduled on the same day without extra fees.

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