Network Security

Your data is a critical part of your business operations. Keeping your software up to date and your hardware properly configured minimizes the risk of malicious attacks that can occur at any moment.

Our security oriented approach minimizes the risk of a direct attack or a virus that can spread across computers on your network.

Network Security should not be ignored or postponed, your business depends on the integrity of your data.

Call us for an inspection and we can make professional recommendations to improve the security of your network.

Wireless Networks

Is your network secure? Do you offer Wi-Fi for guests? Is your wireless network properly installed? Do you have the right hardware? These are valid concerns when running a wireless network.

Did you know that an unsecured network can grant access to your passwords and files to an attacker a mile away?

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks are very common since most routers do not offer sufficient security right out of the box, call us for a consultation on how to make your wireless network safe to use.

Home Networks

Keep your devices connected, transfer folders and files, share printers, play games and use mobile devices in the same network.

Our home network inspection detects vulnerabilities in your network and we can improve the data transfer and wireless network connectivity across rooms.

Are you paying too much for internet service? Let us check your bill and run some tests and we can help you save money.

Secure your network from attackers and unauthorized access by correctly installing your home network router. Grant access to visitors and keep your files and folders isolated from prying eyes.

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